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Gig Harbor, WA

Why Competition Tuning
Dynamometer Info
Tech Info
Competition Tuning operates two freestanding chassis dynos - rolling roads.
Loading Dyno
Our BOSCH chassis Dynomometer - rolling road is a true loading dyno. The dyno uses an inertia weight as well as a computer controlled waterbrake power absorption unit using Performance Trends™ datalogging Dyno Datamite software. The software records all key data and calculates the power at the rear wheels. The system provides inertia compensation and correction factor for weather conditions to provide excellent repeatability of tests. The Wide Band Air Fuel Monitor allows us to measure and print on the dyno sheet the air fuel ratio through the entire RPM range. This is essential for tuning supercharged, turbocharged, and nitrous engines as well as naturally aspirated engines to peak horsepower. The real benefit from the loading dyno is the ability to maintain a load that allows a tuner to properly go through a fuel map or ignition map and tune the chip for optimum horsepower and torque. As a result of the loading capability, the dyno numbers from a BOSCH dyno will come out lower than the inertia (dynojet) dyno. For further Information please click on Tech Talk (LINK) page.
The Inertia Dyno
The BOSCH Chassis Dynamometer FPS 86S10 measures the dynamic wheel power, and displays the effective engine power (brake horsepower). A test-roller set with a defined inertia effect (inertia flywheel) is driven and accelerated by the vehicle's driving wheels. The power at the wheels can be determined from the acceleration of the Dynamometer mass with the engine running at wide-open throttle (WOT). Performance Trends™ Dyno Datamite data logging software records and calculates rear wheel power including A/F Lambda recording during power tests and will be printed on the graph. Call for more details and vehicle requirements.
Our Chassis Dynos can accommodate most cars and light trucks. The loading dyno can accommodate vehicles with inside track width of 25" to outside track width of 78". Our inertia dyno can accommodate vehicles with inside track width of 32" to outside track width of 82".
***It is the vehicle owners responsibility to ensure the vehicle is in SAFE working condition. Automobiles with obvious safety defects will not be accepted (these include bald or cracked/unsafe tires etc.) The dyno will be operated to the automobile owners specified speed limit. There are always risks (predictable or unpredictable) in running a vehicle at high speeds. COMPETITION TUNING WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY VEHICLE DAMAGE.